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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Brimfield Surprise!

Yay!!!  Brimfield!!!  I apologize if this picture is a bit fuzzy.  It was hard to keep the camera still while doing a happy dance!  Great weather, great finds, great company...what more could a person ask for?

Oh, and the surprise...

I was shopping at Mahogany Ridge when I noticed a film crew.  At first I thought it was the local news...but then I realized, it wasn't the news, it was Flea Market Flip!  Needless to say, I introduced myself to Lara Spencer and told her I'd love to be on the show with my kindred spirit, Kris!  I ran into the crew literally everywhere...they even bought one of their projects from my friend, Mike!  I can't wait for the show to air!!!

But back to the real reason for going to stuff!  I got a lot of it!  I told my BF not to bring the trailer, because I was only looking for smalls.  That was a mistake...thank goodness for delivery!

Check out this great vintage folding table!  Counter height, metal brackets, perfectly weathered, folds flat....Happy! It's already at Mill City Antiques!

This is another beauty!  I actually bought two of these sets of drawers, probably originally from an old mercantile.  The drawers are super deep and the top is counter height.  I imagine putting the two together with a zinc top.  The perfect kitchen island!  Still waiting for the second set of drawers to be delivered...this one I snuck into my friend's van.  Thanks, Hetha!!!!

I was buying this set of 8 HUGE (and HEAVY) industrial bins when I first noticed the film crews.  I love the industrial look, the handles, the label holders....everything!  Clean them up and sell them as is? Paint some white?  Paint some barn red?  Ooooh...barn red.  I like that.

I admit I didn't pick this piece up at Brimfield.  I happened across it the next day.  But it looks like it was meant to be with the bins, doesn't it?  It's five pieces:  base, two sets of three drawers, large file drawer, and set of three magazine files.  I might have to keep it...  This piece will be a labor of love, for sure.  It's covered in olive oil.  You don't want to know...