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Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Birch Paper and Home Post

Brookline Street Studio is now Birch Paper and Home.
Start following my new blog,, for more updates on my projects!

I've been VERY negligent in posting this summer, but life gets crazy when the kids are at home!  I'm fortunate to have had chunks of time here and there (yay camp!) to start setting up my new studio and shop.  My biggest dilemma has been how to separate the "work" space from the "shop" space.  And how much of the 500 sq ft should I dedicate to each?

So, this is my starting point.

I built this divider out of old plumbing pipe and a window from the Lake Street Mills in Nashua, where I had my last studio.  My plan is to incorporate birch branches and lighting into this divider...but this is where it stands right now.

This set of drawers may be my favorite project of the year!  It required a lot of scrubbing, sanding,  However, it is a beauty and I would keep it for myself if I had the space!  I love the grey-blue paint, the open sides, the brass hardware, and the gorgeous patina on the refinished top.

Another of my favorite studio finds is this collection of antique shoe lasts.  100+ at last count.  I have them piled into an old industrial metal bin on wheels.  Perfect!

And this old watchmakers cabinet cool!  All metal, still has many watch crystals (in original envelopes) in the drawers!  The pedal at the bottom activates a mechanism on top designed to gently "snap" all of the watch components together without breaking the crystal.  It comes complete with a series of dies for different sizes and shapes of watches.  I even have a mini version of this cabinet in my space downstairs at Mill City.'s still a work in progress, but I expect to be up and running with regular "open" hours by September.  Keep checking in for more news!  Including a couple of shows in September...

Have a happy day!