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Friday, February 8, 2013

February? Already?

Time sure flies when you're finding and transforming vintage treasures!  It's been a busy month-and-a-half keeping up with Barn Loft sales, my ever-growing space at Mill City Antiques and a bunch of wholesale orders resuting from a post on Ted Kennedy Watson's amazing blog!  Check it out here.

So, what's happening at the Studio?  Well, first I have to report that I've been digging...twice! an amazing barn featured on American Pickers!  I know, right?  Here are some pics of my "picks."

Here's a shot of the whole lot...crates, drawers, wire baskets, oh my!

I grabbed a whole crate full of berry baskets!

I love old metal wheels...

This old industrial cart was a chore to drag out from under the remains of several vintage cars, but worth it!  What a great coffee table!

On a separate junking adventure, I happened upon a huge stash of NOS vintage Dennison labels!!!  And when I say huge, I mean whole unopened cases in several sizes!  No hoarding--they'll be on my etsy site and at Mill City soon!

I have lots of new projects to share!  Keep watching for new posts...soon!
Have a happy (belated) new year!

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